What Makes Kristi Tick*

Hungarian by birth, Hun-glish by upbringing; dabbler of languages; lover of laughter, fluffy dogsfamily, epistemology, magenta lipstick, friends, and tall trees; Philosopher of Religion pursuing her doctorate; perpetual star-gazer; avid reader; fine jewellery appreciator; limoncello consumer; aspiring negotiator; sporadic blogger; political scene surveyor; beauty borrower; life sufferer; Jesus beholder, and intermittently concerned by the odd smell in her apartment building-er!

Kristi was Midlands Assistant Team Leader for UCCF. She is now part-time Research and Pastoral Fellow at Oak Hill College, London. When she isn't meeting with students, lecturing, or admiring the foliage, she is researching and writing her doctoral thesis in philosophical theology with the University of Birmingham. Her first book, MORE> Truth (IVP), hit the shelves in February, 2019. Kristi co-edited and contributed to her latest book, Healthy Faith and the Coronavirus Crisis (IVP, 2020.) She is usually to be found in one of the Reading Rooms at the British Library, or in adjacent cafés drinking almond flat whites. 

Kristi is an itinerant apologist, speaker and trainer. She is also an active Chrysolis trustee.

*If only it were short sentences. She has read too much Proust to be into that kinda thing.
(Kristi has recently moved blogs from kristimair.wordpress.com - This blog is now inactive, but continues to house her former blog posts.)