I Fell Over

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was, in fact, last Tuesday.

After a tearful morning, and a timely chat, I went for a walk. I didn't get very far. I made my way towards a cluster of trees in 'the mini wood' just around the corner from me. Hundreds and hundreds of leaves had fallen. It was dark, but they dazzled as the colours danced, speckled by odd fractures of light. The patchwork quilt of burnt reds, deep oranges, and bright yellows they formed was something to behold.

And behold it I did - with my face. As I rounded the corner, my mind sloshing and spilling over with questions, my foot lodged itself in a rabbit hole (oh the irony!). As I tried to walk forwards, I fell over. And I didn't just fall over. I somehow managed to twist myself around, landing on my back and onto the patchwork bed of leaves.

It was a rather lovely - if not surreal - moment. Dazed, I looked up. I saw the sun shining through the the tall trees, where the canopy parts ever so slightly, and in that moment my questions drained away and cleared as the sun's light flooded in.


Held by everlasting arms. But these leafy 'arms' were something else. As rich as they were to look at, all they communicated to me was a wonderful red rash - like all over, and who gets mild whip lash from falling over? There's nothing quite like an existential 'trip'.