Some Women Worth Watching

“Jesus Christ, as he went out of the city in weakness and in disgrace, everyone said that can’t be the Messiah - Why?

Because if you look at the forefathers of the Messiah… the forefathers were

Samuel and Samson and David and Gideon.

And they all brought salvation by being strong. And getting glory.

And so they looked at Jesus and said
‘That can’t be the Messiah. The Messiah wouldn’t be weak. The Messiah wouldn’t be disgraced…’
But you know what their problem was?

*They were looking at the forefathers of the Messiah, but not the foremothers.*
They were looking at the men who were the forerunners of Jesus and not the women.

Because over and over again, God gave a foretaste of the real gospel and the work of Jesus Christ in the fact that he continually brought his salvation of the world through

the barren,

the rejected,

the unwanted

It’s old barren Sarah, and not beautiful, fertile Hagar through whom God brings the royal messianic, saving seed, Isaac.

It’s through Leah, the girl that nobody wanted, the wife that Jacob didn’t want, not Rachel the beautiful and the wanted. It’s through Leah that God brings the royal messianic, saving seed of Judah.

Samson is born to a barren woman who shouldn’t be able to have children.
Samuel is born to a suffering, disgraced woman, but through the suffering and disgrace of Hannah, salvation comes.

If you looked at the foremothers, you would have known that Isaiah was talking about the Messiah when he said that the One who comes to save us will suffer disgrace and will be crushed for our iniquities.

Jesus experienced the reversal Hannah was talking about…

Through his weakness and suffering we are saved.

You could see it in Hannah, if you were looking at Hannah and not at Samuel.
You could see it in Samson’s mother, you could see it in Leah.

You could see it in *all* of those women.

The women in the Old Testament show that Jesus Christ is not just a coming King, but a suffering servant.”

Tim Keller on Hannah’s prayer in 1 Samuel.

(I was asked by a friend to share this as a blog post. Saving my Substack for other things, so it's here. This was first shared as a tweet.)

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