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MORE> Truth (IVP) is out now! 


LESS < Lies LESS < Fake LESS < Doubt MORE > Truth Truth is a tricky thing. Today, `the truth' is not just hard to swallow; it is something we refuse to swallow. Truth is too certain, too divisive, too arrogant. In response, today's truth is often one of relativism: what's true for you might not be true for me. But if it's sometimes true, and sometimes not, is it really truth at all? Jesus claimed to be `the way and the truth and the life.' But can we really accept this ultimate truth in an age of questioning, uncertainty, relativism and scepticism? In MORE > Truth, young philosopher Kristi Mair explores whether Christians can be confident in the `truth' in our anything goes age.

Kristi speaks to IVP about her first book.

More > Truth (IVP)

Prior to the release of MORE>Truth, Kristi discussed her motivations behind writing a topical treatment of truth for the MORE series.

Kristi chats with her Commissioning Editor, Elizabeth Neep, over at the Oak Hill Blog.

An extended review of MORE>Truth.

"This book gave me the same sense of satisfaction that reading C.S. Lewis’ apologetics books often does." - Ben Moore, Library Service Advisor at Newman University.

"Loved this book. Kristi has written an excellent exploration of how Christianity relates to the post-truth world." - Rich Pitt, Youth and Communications Worker at Church Central, Birmingham. 

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Kristi has a number of upcoming media appearances. These will be listed shortly once they have aired!

If you'd like to hear her first radio appearance on Premier Radio, it can be found here!



Word on the Street

If you'd like a flavour of what Kristi gets up to, here is a small selection of talks she has given recently - enjoy!


Know Your Enemy, Know Your God

A 90 min seminar on culture delivered at the West Midlands Women's Convention.


A suite of talks given at Nottingham University including topics on suffering, truth, evidence, and relativism.


An interview featuring Kristi, Rachel, Michael Ramsden, and Nadine on the topic of student mission and European Evangelism Student Conference.




Bethinking.org reviews and articles.

Kristi enjoyed being interviewed by Luke Cawley for his book (despite his repeated references to her and cake). Luke spoke with Kristi about leading seeker bible studies. If you're interested, the book can be bought through Amazon, but a snippet can read through google books.

Kristi has written articles on student ministry in the local church (Summer 2018), post-truth (Winter 2018), and a forthcoming article on the Conservative/Charismatic divide (Summer 2018).

Kristi wrote a short piece on the resurrection for Easter, 2018. She is also joyfully writing one for 2019!